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No Exam? Just Buy IELTS Certificate?

Since we are the pioneers in Sri Lanka for both IELTS Training & for Exams, this is one of the frequently asked questions.

To be more exact, IELTS certificates can’t be sold or bought by anyone at any place.
We also  have seen many advertisements  like this “CALL US TO BUY YOUR ORIGINAL  IELTS CERTIFICATE”.

You might see these ads on

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn

Why there is an attractive  market for IELTS fake certificate

  1. There are so many adds in google & web sites openly sell the certificates.
    Anyone can easily search and find about this fake certificates & they will be promising to give the certificate without any fear. They will charge according to band score.

  2. Candidates demand.
    Despite many warning by IELTS organizers candidates are involving to purchase.

  3. Fraudsters sell this is for high price.
    If you visit some of these IELTS selling web sites you will realize that to pay the amount in between 500 to 5000 dollars depending on candidate band score & also they are accepting the payment not right away within two installments payment can be done.

Let us elaborate the reasons why you should not concern on buying an IELTS certificate.

  • All certificates are numbered & registered with University of Cambridge (IELTS), so it’s very easy to find whether yours is genuine or not.
  • The IELTS online verification service allows all 11000 organizations that accept IELTS scores to quickly & securely verify whether it is genuine.
  • It’s an illegal activity & involves penalty for committing a crime.
  • You would likely have your visa refused/revoked or cancelled.
  • You would also get  blacklisted by immigration & you are losing your money & your migration dream.
  • Your results will be rejected & you might be reported to authorities. So don’t ever buy IELTS certificate, instead earn it.
  • You can report this type of scams either nearest IELTS test center or by a mail to a test center.

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