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Meet the Examiner

CIA provides the opportunity to meet the IELTS examiner face to face before the IELTS exam. This programme consists of;

Fluency Plus

This tailor made programme provides you with the knowledge, skills and performance in a second language which assists you to excel in your IELTS. Whatever your goal maybe we help you to achieve fluency with the dialect “English” which would set yourself to even more demanding targets. Our unique course is designed with highly effective methods to enhance the Fluency as well as effective Pronunciation for Effective Communication in a dynamic learning environment.
By engaging to acquire a new complex system of rules to grasp how words combine to make phrases, along with the ability to make sentences such as how they are pronounced, also, and most importantly, to learn how to comprehend and create messages that convey the desired meaning through oral fluency for developing the core language skills !!. We understand that developing your confidence and fluency in english has the power to significantly change your life for the better.


We are the first CEFR develop centre in Sri Lanka. Our CEFR based IELTS training is always the best program to achieve your target score as students who get the training and the recommendation of our lecturers before deciding an exam date, get through the exam in the first sitting with their desired band scores or by taking scores which are more than required.
What we offer for you

Develop your CEFR level up to level that you need

IELTS Preparation programs
(For communicative skills)

IELTS Preparation programs
(For enabling skills)

White House Training

Advance IELTS guidance

Special attention for weak students

This is an in-depth training at a unique place for special package students.

Time management improvement

Live feedback

Mock tests

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