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IELTS Reading Tip 01 : Time management is the key aspect

Here are some tips to get band 9 in IELTS  Reading.

  • Time management is the key aspect – You will only have 1 hour to complete 40 questions, so you should use your time wisely. We advise our students to prove that each section ends in 20 minutes. This will give you 16-17 minutes to read and answer questions and 34 minutes to transfer and verify your answers.  You will find more help for the management of time here.

  • Read the instructions carefully – Many strong candidates forgive IELTS reading brands because they do not correctly read the instructions. It pays close attention to the instructions provided to avoid losing easy brands.
  • Do not panic – Some of the questions will be easy and some will be extremely difficult. (You know many IELTS teachers who have had to check the answers to some questions because they are so demanding!) The wrong thing to do is spend a long time in a difficult question. If the answer is not presented, go to the next.  You can always return to difficult questions later. It is important that it remains calm and keep the nerves under control. Accept that you will probably not have all the right questions could help you control the nerves and time the day of the test!

  • Pay attention to vocabulary and Grammar – In several ways, reading test in IELTS is more of a vocabulary and grammar test than a reading test.  Therefore, it needs a wide range of vocabulary to understand the passages along with accurate Grammar rules. You should also have an awareness on synonyms to paraphrase and collocations to apply . You should identify the information you need to locate the right answer.

  • Don’t wait to understand each word – If you don’t understand a word in the test, you should look at the words and phrases that surround it to track its meaning.  Alternatively, you should use reading tools such as, scanning, skimming and locating to find the answer.

  • Study the Reading question types with the most accurate tips – Having a thorough understanding and knowledge on each type of question in IELTS Reading ,such as Sentence completion/True, false, Not given/Summary, Note ,Table, Flow-Chart completion/ Multiple choice/Short answer questions, etc . Master the easy short cuts and techniques to tackle each type of question without allocating more time on reading the passage in detail. Try as much as possible to use paraphrasing.

  • Focus more on The topic sentence of each paragraph – Since topic sentence or central idea of the passage is more important as same as conclusive sentence,figure out the key idea of each paragraph first.

Follow the above tips for the best score in Reading. Good luck!

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