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Which IELTS Test is Easier – Academic / General???

As you know in IELTS Test there are two modules.
   1. Academic
   2. General

Academic test is for the education purpose & General test for the Work visa & Immigration purposes.

If you’re planning to do higher studies abroad (in colleges or universities), then you need to take IELTS Academic. If you’re aimed-focused on migration purposes, then you need to do IELTS general.

So before booking the test, make sure to check which test you should take.

IELTS academic test format is designed to examine your level of English language whether that suits for an academic environment.
   * In Academic writing tests are conducted to make sure they are strong enough to write college level essays.
   * Students and professionals should be trained with English reading skills which would be strong for text in professional and academic journals, textbooks, magazines and newspapers.

IELTS general test examines English language in a practical and everyday context. Those taking the General Training IELTS, will have the taste of language that would appear in advertisements, guidebooks, magazines, notices etc. Written tests will be tested on general tasks such as letter writing or basic essay writing.

Differences in IELTS Academic and IELTS General (Reading and Writing)
   1. In IELTS academic reading part has a variety of text to read, the text might be descriptive, factual and analytical. It also includes charts, graphs and diagrams.
   2. The first section in IELTS general reading has two or three short texts. The second section has two short texts. And the last section includes a long text about a general topic.
   3. The IELTS Academic writing part includes a write up about a table, graph or chart. And an essay for task 2.
   4. The IELTS General training exam writing part has a letter writing for task 1 and an essay for task 2.

Which is easier to crack? IELTS Academic or IELTS General
General IELTS is the easiest exam than any other. The questions are designed to examine how well you can use your English. There is no pass or fail in IELTS. You can write the exam as many times as you can till you reach your dream score. High number of scores you get, you’ll get placed in a top university. All you need is a thorough preparation.

Academic version is conducted to test your level of comprehension. Compared to IELTS academic IELTS general training reading is quite easier. Even the scoring format is different as well.


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